[Lyrics] KIM JAE JOONG (김재중)-Healing For Myself (나만의 위)

[Album] Kim Jae Joong - MINE


너를 위해 준비했던 반지는 짝을 잃고
내 손가락에만 남겨져 슬픔이 또 울고
비가 왔으면 좋을 것 같아 내 눈물 감추게
울고 울고 또 울고
내 귀에 흐르고 있는 슬픈 노랫소리가
주저앉아버린 내 심장을 멈추게 할 것 같아
떠나지 않는 사랑의 영혼이 나를 또 붙잡아
울고 울고 또 울고

[Download] (Mini Album) Kim Jae Joong – I (1st Mini Album)

[Album] Kim Jae Joong - MINE

[EP] 김재중 – I (Mine) [1st Mini Album]
Release Date: 2013.01.17
Genre: Pop Rock, Ballad
Langauge: Korean
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps

Following Jun Su’s solo album last year, JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong is now releasing his first solo mini-album! In a departure from JYJ’s music style, Jae Joong takes on the rock genre for his solo effort, which includes the explosive title song Mine, “My Own Consolation” from the soundtrack of Jae Joong’s movie Jackal is Coming as well as the modern rock ballad “Full Inside Me” written and composed by Jeon Hae Sung. Of the album’s five tracks, Jae Joong wrote four and composed two, showcasing his talent as both a singer and a songwriter.

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